Were in the Tropics

Summer isn’t really here officially, but it sure feels like it here in the south. Today it was 85 tomorrow it’s going to hit 90. I don’t mind it since there isn’t that nasty humidity. We’ve been very busy around the place doing the multitude of spring things everyone does. The title of this post is really referring to the house. Bruce finished the porch long ago, but I’m the official painter around here, and it was high time I got around to it.

Painting over my head, is really a pain in the neck, in every sense of the word. Since Bruce and I got married I have painted every house we’ve ever lived in. I shimmied to the edges of the roof dormers at the Connecticut house and not only painted but primed that whole house. The house in Charlotte also had to be painted and I climbed a 20 foot ladder to get to the third floor and for weeks I stained and took my life in my hands. The lake house also needed to be painted when we moved there, Gee go figure. Well, here we are in South Carolina in a vinyl sided house and what am I doing, I’m painting. This time I whined enough to get help from the boss man. Bruce is a horrible painter he drips on everything and he destroys paint brushes. I think he does it on purpose. The porch took 2 people 4 days and I’m guessing at least 1 day off my life span. The over hang and all those beams almost killed me. The touch up work still needs to be done but I couldn’t take it anymore I’ll do that another day. Bruce actually did half the work this time. In the morning the moaning and groaning as he got out of bed was so funny if I closed my eyes it was as though a black bear was caught in a trap right in the very room. I thought he’d give up on me, but he hung in there for another full day of torture. Now that its done you can see what a difference a year can make. We wanted a fun tropical house I think we pulled it off.



It’s a work in progress, who knows what it’ll look like next year!


For now I’m going to let the bear rest. All that groaning scares me.


1 Comment

  1. annie said,

    June 8, 2008 at 7:17 pm

    Oh, that is beautiful! What a wonderful design. You all did a great job.

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