Baby Girl

We’re back from Myrtle beach and I have some great pictures of bike week but they’re on Erins camera and she’s not home yet. I had a better idea for my post. It seem as though I’ve neglected the baby. I have shown you all how beautiful she is turning out. At this time she is 5 and a half months old and she is way to smart for her own good. Dobermans are always thinking and they watch everything. I noticed that a simple look or turn of my head and she knows what I want. Just the other day she was in the kitchen tormenting Gooey the tiny wienie dog. From the other room I said OLIVE DON”T MAKE ME GET UP TO KILL YOU!  Without hesitation she ran to the couch and sat there, all as if she hadn’t been doing a thing. She forgets I have ears and I can hear 60 pounds of dog running across the room and diving on the couch. She is my faithful companion outside if I dig, she digs, if I yell she runs. I can say she is literally a pain in the butt. She has this habit of walking behind me and giving me little love bites on my butt or legs I have the most wonderful color to my legs and butt. She is a great dog and once I have her trained the way I want her, she is going to be perfect.  I just have to wait till that super intense puppy energy wears off.  For now, here she is in all her glory.

The other little girl, Cookie got some love too. I couldn’t stand to see her all furry and so a shaved her. I also bathed her but she fixed me. Now she looks like a real horse!

Shaving her was easy she stood like a trooper I’ll get some nice pictures after I give her another bath and keep her off the dirt.


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  1. July 1, 2008 at 11:09 pm

    Olive is BEAUTIFUL!! I’ve always wanted a dobie. Maybe one day. And the lil horse… cute that he/she’s laying on her back like a dog!? LOL.

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