My Spring Fling

Lots and lots of spring clean up going on. Probably like everyone else has been doing around the country. I have for the most part got it under control now. The garden is planted, there is always more I want to plant but every year I expand just a little more. This year I’m doing watermelons and corn which I didn’t do last year. I look for things I love to eat, and then I plant it all my way, if they can’t survive my way then it’s to bad and I try another variety .

The one thing I’m really looking forward to this year are the peaches. I seem to have a pile of them on the tree. Hopefully the wildlife will save me a few. I don’t like to spray or use pesticides if I can help it, the tree has a healthy population of lady bugs so I really don’t want to spray.

Look at this little baby all fuzzy and cute.

The cantina is still being finished, but I think my favorite part is already done.

The pond is my pet project. I love fish, so I’m trying to get this poor pond started for the year. I really wanted a huge koi pond but I have too many other things going on. The koi pond is on the back burner for now.

Ok heading back out to tame the wild weeds.


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