Don’t wake me I’m dreaming

Can we reverse time yet? I’ve done my duty, I’ve been to work for two days now. How can I live this way? I know I’m really meant for laying around laughing, eating and taking up space. This has just got to be a mistake on someones part. I was forced to cook this week and to do lots of laundry. I went in to work and toiled caring for sick people, catering to their every need. I think theres irony in that.

I guess I’ll go back and reminisce about our trip maybe I’ll feel better.

On one of the legs of our journey we got to stop in Puerto Rico. That is one very developed and very exciting place to visit. I definitely plan to go there for a full week, to explore it in the future. The old town and fort were interesting. Theres pirate history, and world war two history, all I can tell you is the pictures speak for them selves. I could see off in the distance that there are big mountains with incredible rain forests to explore, I’ve just got to get back there.

I know you can’t see the inscription, but it basically says Columbus was here.

The pigeons thank him every day with little gifts.

I’m having a hard time picturing pirates.

I’ve got plenty more pictures you can see at the flicker site.

We stopped at another island after this. Grand Turk, not much of anything there but we didn’t care, for us it was all about the diving.

We had a great two dives. The first was a little nerve wracking for Justin , he’s such a worry wort he always thinks something is going to go wrong and he’s going to die. Needless to say he missed seeing the sea turtle in front of him or any of the fish that swam by. He was keeping an eye on his buddy, his air gauge, his weight belt, and holding on dearly to his regulator. The second dive he actually enjoyed. He finally stopped caring where Bruce was every second, and managed to look around. I had Erin as my buddy. She had no concerns, so I had the death grip on her hand. Erin tends to get lost in the moment. She saw the sea turtle, the trumpet fish, the school of fish, she touched them, she chased them, she pretty much wore me out. She did check her equipment every once in a while, but she was going to get every second she could out of her dive. My buddy didn’t have a care in the world, she was in paradise. Even when, we were holding the anchor line for our 3 minute safety stop 10 feet under water. Life was great and when I grabbed her air gauge to see how much air she had and saw zero she only shrugged her shoulders, held on, and I’m guessing still didn’t have a care in the world. All in all I do enjoy Erin as my buddy, she never misses a thing. She spotted the 5 foot barracuda following us, she saw the sea turtle first and she can’t wait to do it all again. Justin on the other hand will dive again, but he’ll agonize over all his decisions. Life’s funny that way


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