What!!? No more room service? part 1

I want my waiter from Croatia back. I also want that funny Gay, Asian casino dealer Paul. I could also use my cabin steward right about now. Someone has to dig me out of the mess my house is in. The laundry, the clutter, the mowing. It’s only been a week but getting back in the groove after being waited on is hard. I still can’t do it, we even went out to dinner last night cause I needed a menu to look at. Ok, today I buckle down and get back to reality.

I’m guessing you all want to know what happened for the last week? Maybe you want to see some pictures? First off, we went on a one week cruise. The excuse for the trip was that it is Justin’s senior trip. Good excuse, but it back fired, because now Erin wants the same senior trip in two years. I should have thought that out better.

We flew to Miami, early in the morning. I told the kids it was going to be a bumpy ride, because of the thunder storms in the area. See, I prepared them, I could have said nothing just to see their faces when the plane started to jump around, but I didn’t. In hind sight I should have told a few of the passengers. The plane they put us on was very small. We had to walk to the tarmac to board and Justin had to duck to get in. I love to fly, and we love a good roller coaster so we were all hoping for a bumpy ride. The flight started ok, but half way thru we hit the mother of all bumps. The plane started moving from side to side, then it got a little rougher, then rougher, then out of nowhere we dropped at least 300 feet. I loved the excitement, we had been seated in different areas of the plane so we each got to see a wide range of reactions from people. The lady next to me let out a piercing scream, the one next to Bruce started to freak and cry, there was one next to Justin that flew out of the seat and hit their head on the ceiling, drinks went flying. I think the worst one was the poor man that was in the bathroom. I had to laugh at that one. We had a great time, call us crazy but most flights are just plain boring. Ok enough about that I know you want to hear about paradise.

First stop, a private island the cruise line owns. Bruce tried out his sailing skills from his youth. I’m glad he remembered how, without tipping us over.

The water is always beautiful in the Caribbean, and the sun loves white folks, we used a lot of sunscreen.

We stopped in St. Thomas next, or was it Puerto Rico I’m not sure I wasn’t driving.

St Thomas is nice, but we wanted to go to the nearby island of St John. The 10th most beautiful beach in the world is there. How could we pass that up. We got off the ship, and headed for the taxis. The best ride ever was waiting for us and we didn’t even know it, it was just like Mr Toads wild ride at Disney.

The locals were all yelling at each other,trying to coordinate all the taxis, in all the excitement our poor taxi driver had to hurry, I mean really hurry. He had to get us to the other side of St Thomas so that we could catch the next ferry out. Let me tell you, we sped around in an open vehicle, the kids were all laughing, with their hands in the air like it was a roller coaster. We got there ok, but only the video can tell the true tale. I’ll post that later.

This is what I mean by open vehicle, and you see there’s no safety doors. Now try this really fast down these type of turns.

Ok are you ready to see the 10th most beautiful beach in the world?




You sure?




Ok then




Not too shabby right.

I wish you all could feel the soft sand, taste the salt water and see this incredible beauty……

There are many stories to tell, but my real life is getting in the way. I got a lawn to mow, so you’ll have to wait till tomorrow for the rest.


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