Home is where the Heart is

Our hearts will be on the Carnival Triumph for the next week.

We’ve had spring fever, a cruise, a garden and school activities, theres no time for much else. Lets recap, the meadow was regraded and seeded, hopefully we’ll come back from the trip to a lush green covering. The cantina has seen new plantings and upgrades that I’ll cover when I get back. I will say that the new Brazillian hammocks are to die for but you’ll see all that later.

To go on a week long trip means the animals get to have fun to. The dogs are getting ready for their trip to The Bed and Biscuit. The kennel is new to them and I’m hoping Olive can handle the stress. The little girl next door will be in charge of Cookie. That means she gets added attention from a twelve year old and I’ll come back to find a very fat mini horse. The little girl loves Cookie she was the best choice to watch her since she has two horses of her own and she visits Cookie every week so they already have a bond. All the other animals, ducks, chickens, and cats have huge feeders and they’ll be fine for a week.

The human counterparts will have their lives documented. Proof that they were well fed and had fun for the week will be shown to you all when we get back. We plan to test our new video camera. We were due for an upgrade so now was a good time as any to test out the JVC hard disk camcorder. I’ll let you know if it was worth the money.


Getting ready for this cruise was fun. Erin is sixteen and shopping for clothes with her was great, expensive but great. She picked out all kinds of dresses, bathing suits, shorts, shirts, and shoes. I call it a bonding moment or at least thats how I’ll explain it when Bruce sees the bill. I watched her run in and out of dressing rooms with stacks of things, the smile on her face was priceless. I figured I’d enjoy the moment. I know that when she gets older she’ll just dread that dressing room, with the bright fluorescent lights, the huge mirror that shows every flaw, and the agony of seeing that there are thousands of things to buy and nothing fits like it does on the mannequin. After my debit card melted, we went home to model all our treasures for Bruce and Justin who in turn could have cared less. They just can’t relate to the agony of hunting for the perfect outfits and wading through ALL the choices. Justin only had to walk in to a sea of suits, which all looked alike, pick a color and walk out. His biggest decision was what color the tie should be. The suit jacket cleverly disguises whether his butt looked fat in the suit. I think there’s some kind of conspiracy in all that . As revenge I made him try on his wet suit which I knew would make him look too skinny.


I wish you all could come with us. The fun begins tomorrow morning 620am on American Airlines flight 4360 and with thunderstorms forecast for tonite and tomorrow the fun really starts at take off. I hate to admit it but I love bumpy flights, their exciting and it makes for some good laughs.


We’ll see ya in a week, all sunburned and pealing. Oh and 10 pounds heavier.


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