Weekend madness

The weekend came and went in a mad dash. We were helping Erin with the cadet ball decorating. Bruce was recruited to build the entrance piece and a couple of easels, so he thought. What ended up being a whole day of decorating had started off with “can you drop off a few things for me daddy?”


The cadet ball is an evening full of military awards and recognition, dinner and dancing. Men in uniform, ladies in dresses, pomp and circumstance all the military customs and 280 people attending.  Erin was the responsible for decorating the hall. Throughout this last month she was busy organizing the look of the event. Some how Bruce and I got dragged into all the madness. All in all the place looked great. It took Bruce and I all day to blow up balloons and hang banners.

The event was held on a Friday. The kids had school so they were bussed over to set things up for 1 hour, you know teenagers between the standing around and the pizza not much was accomplished. Poor Erin was the boss, you could see the stress, Erin where do you want the center pieces? Erin where does this go? Erin what do we do with these letters? I felt bad for her, but she held up and got those kids to work. The place ended up great.

An Evening of Enchantment was the title of the ball.

She had made all the center pieces for the tables , she had huge letters for the wall, a banner painted with Red Devil Battalion and custom pictures of the cadet leaders. I was so glad to see all that mess leave the barn.

Erin was also one of the speakers, she stood at the podium announcing the award winners and introducing guests. She was a great speaker, I was surprised. In the end she was announced cadet of the year, and was given three medals. The most important being the national award of the purple heart which is given to the cadet of the year. The award was a big surprise to her, the funny part was that her closest competition was her own boyfriend. The other award she received was, the outstanding cadet award which is voted on by her peers. We were so amazed 137 cadets and they picked her. I guess she isn’t as goofy as we think here at home.

She had a wonderful evening. Bruce and I left before the dancing got started. We were so tired. We had gotten there at 11am we stayed there helping till 4pm then raced home showered put on a dress and a suit and raced back. After all was said and done Bruce sat in the car and whined that he got no cake. I was just glad it was over.

Wish I had better pictures but …… you know how it is when your tired.




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  1. mom said,

    March 18, 2008 at 5:34 pm

    What a night to remember. It was truly Erin’s night from start to finish. Mom and Dad did their part too, it was all very festive looking. WOW: National award of the purple heart, Cadet of the year and three medals and even Outstanding cadet award by her peers. Being one of the speaker and sitting at the main table too. I’ll wager the dance was like a dream as well. Congrats Erin.
    On the weather station it looked like the storm that hit Atlanta was tracking up and over your part of the world. Did you get a lot of rain to fill up you duck pond? Hope you have a nice Easter. We will be at Keith’s enjoying Rabbit or wild range North Dakota Buffalo. No Easter Eggs, or Daffodils in sight, perhaps tomorrow it will snow once again.
    Kudos again Erin. Love Mom (Grandma Joan)

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