Ode to fruit


Please grow me fruit

let this be the year

or else I fear

the ax near

How’s that for poetic justice

The trees are starting to flower and I’ve had no luck with fruit yet. I’m hoping this is the year. I’ve been checking things over in the so called orchard. Last year the flowers were covered with honey bees, the hope was high, but then a bad cold front came and killed everything. This year it’s warm and I’m hopeful, but I haven’t seen the bees. I have 7 fruit trees so the odds are with me that I’ll see fruit. The spring garden is getting worked on now a little at a time I’ve got everything tilled and composting is next along with planting. I needed to start sooner but the driveway work got in the way. We’ve been seeding grass instead on crops.



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  1. mom said,

    March 4, 2008 at 5:25 pm

    Oh Spring time on the “Farm”. Wish we were there. I gave up on any sunshine and started a long project in the basement. (I gave up getting any help over the 20 years this work needed to be done.) This February weather must have gottem tp Chuck as he is joining me by repairing the ceiling in the washing machine room. Like father like son (Bruce) or is it visa versa its now a major project and is keeping Chuck away from the computer for a while. I am busy scraping, etc. with the end result of a cheery stairwell, heating ducts and the multitude of our storage units looking new and with plenty of room to keep a new bunch of stuff.
    We Ohioans had our day to vote today. Tomorrow will seem so quiet with the phone silent and all the events over for a little while. Spring time will come, it has to sometime, soon and I will get to tend to the nature that I so love to assist. Good luck with the bees and the fruit that will follow.
    Love Mom

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