Surgery day

Today poor little Olive is off in NC getting her ears cropped. I know she was cute the way she was but she isn’t going to stay little forever. A Doberman with floppy ears just looks like a weird colored mutt when they are grown. The dog needs that menacing guard dog look. She’s such a sweet natured puppy I don’t think she’ll be a guard dog.


We just hated to see her go off with Bruce this morning. The vet wants her to stay over night, so we’ll miss her, but tomorrow Bruce will pick her up and I’ll post pictures of her new ears.


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  1. mom said,

    February 18, 2008 at 8:17 pm

    Who rescued the kitty cat? Cute picture. Questions: Is the runner duck one of those we met last May? I remember them as all black. Is the pond a pond again? Did you get much water in the ravens this winter? Wish we lived a little closer so we could visit more often. I have been meaning to call to chat but I forget when the time is right and then it’s past hard working peoples bed time.
    It is snowing as I type and will be doing the same all week. All the better for our flowering Spring when it shows up.

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