Walkin the fences

We put up more fences. You can never have enough fences. We ran more wire so that Cookie can have more room to run. If you were horse experts you would have noticed a horsey grin on her yesterday. She ran and ate and really loved having the extra green space. We electrified the fence, then we all just stared at it. How do you know if the fence is working if you don’t have a tester? Well someone has to touch it. We were all to wimpy to touch it. After a while, I decided how bad can it hurt? The dog got zapped by the other fence and lived, so I made the executive decision, I’d touch it. Everyone waited to see my hair stand up, but they didn’t get to laugh, the zap wasn’t any worse than the static zap I get every time I touch the car. I played it cool so that they’d all touch it. I loved it when Bruce screamed like a little girl. Really it wasn’t bad, it just startled you more than anything. I think we need to beef it up a bit. We’re planning on getting a stronger one, once we get electricity hooked up at the barn . The solar charger just isn’t powerful enough. Cookie is just a little horse, but I’m more concerned about keeping the bad elements out. A couple of big dogs would kill her.

Now we need a little grass. I’m sure it won’t be long. We put this fence up in 66 degrees, tomorrow it’ll be 64 degrees.


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