I want it on record

The conversation went like this……

Me: Bruce can you order some crusher run to reface the driveway it’s getting slippery.

Bruce: Ok I’ll do it tomorrow.

This is what I got……..


I guess I’m not the only one who starts new projects.

I’m sure “Bruce regrade the upper 2 acres” didn’t come out of my mouth. I just want it noted that he started a new project not me. Our goal for the start of the new year was to finish up all the half finished projects. We just can’t seem to make any headway. We have plenty of excuses for each individual project. For example, the porch can’t be painted cause its cold. The shed can’t have doors yet, cause we need to pick up more metal. The pool area has to wait till we regrade the runway and it goes on and on. I blame me for the variety of projects started, but I blame Bruce for not stopping me. Face it, I get bored fast, if I don’t move along from one thing to another I go stir crazy. My dad says he has a list of all the things I’ve done but never finished and it’s a long list. I don’t care, they say “variety is the spice of life” and as far as I’m concerned the spicier the better.

I wonder what would happen if I say Bruce can you change the tires on my truck? Maybe I’d get a new vehicle?


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