What’s new? New job, new year, new projects, new toys.

It’s been a whirl wind for me, I started a new job and I’m trying to get orientated. I changed jobs in order to work only 2 days a week. The same amount of hours I had been working, only in 2 days instead of 3.I am also trying to get some landscaping done now that the weather has cooled off.



We’ve been clearing the land behind the barn, so that Cookie can have a nice pasture this summer. Clearing the land is first, then fencing, we’re trying to fence in another acre. Now’s the time to do it, no bugs to torture us and in burning the brush we create huge flames sometimes 15 feet high. We get to sit back at the end of the day and warm up by the fire with a cold beer. Here’s a few pictures of the area behind the barn that we’ve finished.

Theres a long way to go,  but I think its good exercise. Bruce thinks I’m trying to kill him. I tell him I’m keeping him healthy but he doesn’t believe me. Theres plenty of time to rest after your dead. He has his own projects he wants to work on, and I’m slowing him down. I’ll show you what he’s been up to later.


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  1. mom said,

    January 11, 2008 at 6:06 pm

    So many changes since we were there late in May. We say wow with each change. You guys are hard workers but it sounds like you enjoy it and thats what it is all about. Take care with all those big toys. Maybe a disk will come our way with more details that we can view on our magic picture frame, thanks it was a great gift. Love Mom

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