Its beginning to look a lot like…

The time has come to do the picture. For those of you that get our Christmas card you know that there is a lot involved. It all starts with a simple idea, then it culminates in a huge often ridiculous production. When the kids were small we kept the ideas simple, just hurry, press the button, there, were done. Now, we spend time trying to top the previous years stupid idea. We have had some funny moments the behind the scene things sure bring back memories. I wish I could show you all the pictures that didn’t make it into card form. Some of my favorite cards were:

Number one memorable card for me anyway, was the Elf year.That year I was able to convince a 16 year old boy and a husband that dressing up as elves would be funny and they did it. Tights and pointy ears. Justin still remembers his underwear was showing.

Number two, best card was the Angel year. That year we covered the couch with batting used a blue sheet as a background and we had big puffy clouds. We all wore white sheets cause we thought that looked angelic, we made huge gold wings and we wore halos. I thought that was a real turning point in our card making abilities. Erin still reminds me that her little 6 year old breast was showing and that she was traumatized for life.

Number three was the year we wrapped the hot tub in wrapping paper and we got in as if we were the present. That may not sound like much but you have to remember Bruce had to jump in and out of the tub for every shot and there were some very funny moments on that day. We usually take about 30 to 40 shots.

I have saved all those Christmas moments in boxes. I laugh every time I see them. The dead Christmas tree, the giant wasp nest, the big letters, they all make me laugh. Justin will be 19 years old and off to college next year. The Christmas card picture may have to change, but then again I can cut and paste him in.

This year we loved every second of our card making weekend. The kids were great and it’s going to be another classic. I don’t want to spoil the surprise. After they’re all in the mail, I’ll post the true picture. For now I’ll leave you with a small preview of Bruce setting up the shot.


1 Comment

  1. mom said,

    December 12, 2007 at 1:46 pm

    Another big laugh, thanks. I do not know of any other family that has so much fun together creating their Christmas Cards.
    Adreanna would you please e-mail your parents new address.

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