I can’t stop scratching

I have my new little horse settling in her new home. I spend most of my time talking to her and scratching her. She is to easy to spoil so I have to be careful. When we got her home she was left in the stall to settle in. The next morning she was given full run of her new corral its huge for her size. I have to give her breeder credit she gave us an incredibly well mannered and confident baby. She is easy to halter she walks with us without to much pulling and tugging. I can pickup her feet, I can brush her and the big plus she doesn’t bite or kick. The first test came when she was introduced to the dogs. Gooey was first to find the horse at the barn. All 6 pounds of tough, hair standing, growling, guard dog ran to Cookie and at first I thought she would kill Gooey but after a few jumps and small kicks she realized this was no threat. She went over to sniff her and Gooey ran off. Big mistake on her part, Cookie learned real fast that if she charges at the dogs they run out of her corral and its turned into a great game. They sneak in she runs at them they run under the fence.

We took Cookie the next day for a stroll thru our trail. This is the trail I plan to use to train her to pull a cart. I wanted to get her familiar with the path. She walked along side Gooey as if she was just another dog. Again I have to thank the breeder for that I have no horse training skills. My work is going to start soon and I guess you’ll all see the progress here. I’ve ordered some DVDs on training her. I learn best by watching so I figure this is the way to go. I’m on my own, there are no horse driving trainers in my area and her breeder is also just starting out with carts. This could get pretty funny. You’ll be happy to know that no, I didn’t get the cart before the horse.


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  1. mom said,

    November 29, 2007 at 2:18 pm

    Cookie is adorable. I have been checking the blog often awaiting her arrival at the Dragonfly Farm. Hope you all had some rain, it looked possible last week from the weather casts up here in Ohio. Wish you workers were here, we have plenty of leaves to play with. Today the wind is helping us, most gets into the bags but some goes sailing down the street to the poor souls that live at the dead end a few homes away. Thanks for the pictures of Cookie, Love ya all.

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