Where’s the Ham?

Our chicken is finally laying green eggs. This Arucana is supposed to lay green eggs, but considering the monumental task it was to keep her alive long enough to do this, I’m going to go as far as to call it a miracle. This chicken and her 3 friends were constantly sleeping in trees they never used the coop. We tricked them back into the chicken run and they’ve been my prisoners ever since. I feel bad for them but the raccoon and fox population is at an all time high. Probably due to the nice diet of fresh chicken, they’ve been getting all summer. The top of the coop has paw marks all over it from predators looking in. Score 1 for me, my planned lock down is working. I plan on increasing the chicken numbers in the spring but for now the last 4 are all I have. I can’t chance giving them their freedom. In the spring I’ll be training them to carry weapons and possibly wear small armor.


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