Horsing around

Where has all the day light gone? I’ve got things to do, but I can’t see a thing after I get home from work. Don’t you just hate that? We have a poor little baby horse that wants to come to its new home and we can’t seem to finish the fencing and stall. It’s not from lack of trying.

Seems that every project is connected to another project. Starting is easy but you have to do 12 other steps to get there. Heres my example.

Lets get things going for the new horse:

1. Put in a fence hmmmm sounds easy. Oh that’s right we need to get the gates first. They’re 12 feet long and heavy, so we have to hook up the trailer to get them from the store.

2. Ok let put up the fence. Oh thats right the grading has to be fixed first or the fence area will erode down the hill. Get the tractor and play with it for 3 days. Cut trees and create a huge burn pile that’ll have to be dealt with later.

3. Ok lets go put up the fence. Dam, it hasn’t rained in a month the ground is rock hard. We need to go rent a huge auger and play with it till we have 4 foot deep corner posts.

4. Ok, finally lets put up that fence. Not a problem, go online and figure out how to space an electric fence so that those pesky predators that enjoy eating small animals enclosed in fencing can’t get in.

We finally have the fence strung and the fence solar power, the gates and it’s all coming together very nicely. The little horse is on its way right? Noooo she needs a stall, how else would this poor little spoiled horse live? Ok lets build a stall…….

1. Just order it. finally an easy fix!!! Now once we put the kit together we might actually have a stall.



  1. mom said,

    November 13, 2007 at 1:00 pm

    You never have a dull moment. Now I am confused as to which way the fenced area is placed in conjunction with the road and a view of the little horse in his yard from the house… I am really looking forward to a visit in 2008…..Did I mention that Both Clem and Felicie will be in Ohio over Christmas? Hmm….Hope you get some rain soon, we have had quite a bit lately but alas we have no way to share. Bet the Halloween group is still laughing about their adventure at the Lost on Dragonfly Farm. By now, Love you all, MOM

  2. Pattie said,

    November 17, 2007 at 4:38 pm

    Looks like it’s coming along. Now you have to get some hay. Where else is the little horse going to sleep?

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