While we’re at it

We’re on the last leg of the cantina build and I had a great idea. If your outside hot and sweaty, covered in dirt. A refreshing swim would be nice right? But I don’t want your dirty, nasty, self in my nice clean pool and I sure don’t want you traipsing thru the house to get your swim suit on. (Unless your Bruce who thinks swim suits are optional). I decided an outdoor shower would be a great addition. We were digging in that area anyway. I think it would be great to have my swim suit out there. After I mow the lawn and I’m hot I could rinse off put on the suit and go for a swim and never go in the house all dirty. It’ll make for a nice changing room, especially for when there’s a bunch of teenagers over. Bwahahahaha now I can just lock them all out and tadaaaaaa house stays clean.

Bruce dug a very deep hole and filled it with crushed stone, then he’ll install a deck over this area along with a nice enclosure. We’re in no rush to finish this, because fall is finally here. I just thought we needed to get the base done so we could landscape.


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