Can’t touch this…

What a weekend! We worked on the cantina this weekend and finally got to a point where we could do a little landscaping. That to me is the fun part. Off we went to Home depot. It’s funny, the employees are starting to know us. I’d like to say it’s our bubbly personalities but I’d be lying, it’s our huge bright red trailer we pull there. They know if we come with the trailer they’re going to be loading lots of heavy stuff into it. The temps are still hitting 90 so loading stuff is no fun. We really only went there for plants, but…… all the patio furniture was on clearance and so were the grills. The prices for the stuff was untouchable as my title says. I’m going to show you what I mean. I know you won’t believe me without proof.

We really weren’t going mad. We had picked out all the plants in the gardening area and Bruce says “lets go get a couple of decking boards”. That was his mistake, he lead me into the store where all my self control melts away. There at the entrance not more than 100 feet from the gardening area were the grills, not just any grills, the shiny ones, all lined up waiting for new homes. I was only going to walk on by their stainless steel little bodies, but then…….. The bright red price tag slapped me in the face and I had to stop. I was floored, how could this be? It’s like they’re giving them away. I had to have it. A 600.00 dollar grill for 349.00 !!!!!! Yes, it was brand new, not a thing wrong with it. It’s only mistake in life was to have been assembled to close to Christmas display time. I was so happy, new plants, and now a new grill. I couldn’t have asked for more. Then I turned around and blam, I was slapped in the face again. The patio furniture was 50% off, OH MY GOD, I’ve died and gone to heaven. Bruce and I were like those people that won the lottery. We’ll take that, and that, and that, and a couple more of those and, and, and. Yup, you can’t touch this deal. Needless to say, Bruce never got his deck boards, cause we never made it past those first 100 feet of the store. It was one heck of a day, and just to put a little icing on the cake. We were being rung up and the poor flustered cashier rang up the 20 bags of potting soil at 50% off . She was so ready to get rid of us that she said to enjoy it cause it’d be to hard to start over. The 12 foot trailer was full to the brim with our great fortune, to bad the home depot guys only load and not unload.

New Grill 349.00 Rotisserie, and griddle included πŸ™‚

Patio furniture: chairs 15.00 each love seat 30.00 each πŸ™‚


I’m no fool, while I had Bruce on a roll, I quickly added the new pond. hahahahahhahaha he was to weak to fight the madness.

So there you have it, were not crazy. I know you would have done it too. Now if only I had softer dirt this could all end much easier.


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  1. woody said,

    October 25, 2007 at 3:28 pm

    You hit it just right on the patio furniture. What a great deal. I bought a set last year that was promptly chewed on by one of the dogs in its puppyness. She is lucky to still be breathing…lol

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