Party crafts 101

Were in party count down time!!!!!

The ideas are flying. Whats the best way to scare a bunch of teenagers? How many spring loaded scare tactics can we use? Where can we get dry ice?

The other night we all went for a walk thru the trail, it was 10PM, no moon. I think those kids are in for a real scare. Just walking with no props around creeped us out. I almost went head long into a real spider web complete with real and super disgusting spider in the middle of the web.The cats and the dogs followed us so that added to the crunching leaf noises.We have several forts built on this trail that we use for paintball wars. I suggested to Erin that it would be great to have a scene of several rebel soldiers dead and draped over the fort walls. She was quick to point out that all her friends are from the south and it’s in my best interest to make them dead union soldiers . Ooops, I grew up in Connecticut what do us damn Yankees know anyway. Well as I said the crafting is starting with a bang. We have to make all the decorations, so paper mache is being slung all over my kitchen. They hope to have many, many, heads made by the party. I’ll take some pictures as they get finished.


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