The cantina forgotten?

With all the barn attention, I thought maybe you all forgot the Cantina. There’s lots of progress…

It’s moving right along new floor, new roof, landscaping…. my back cries  out just listing all that.

HHMMMM….. you say

What are they going to use all that space for?


Announcing  the first annual Halloween party/ haunted trail.

We have big plans this year. Ever since moving from the lake our annual 4th of July party has not happened. We had that party for 7 years straight. We needed to hijack a new holiday. Here at the farm we can’t blow stuff up. We might accidentally start a huge forest fire. At our old place, the lake was a great place to fire off projectiles. But even there we often came close to lighting ourselves or the dock on fire. I miss a good get together so the plan is to start small, we’re inviting a bunch of high school kids. What better way to test out props and a scary trail than with teenagers. Erins friends are coming for the Halloween party and scaring the crap out of teenagers is almost as good as blowing stuff up. Oh my god did I just type that? Ok nothing is as good as blowing stuff up, but this is pretty close. The trail on our property will be enhanced with Bruce ghouls wielding chainsaws. I ordered from a medical supply store a bag of skeleton parts 10 pounds of bones. Don’t freak they’re imitation bones. I also have a cool fog machine and a 7.5 foot ghoul. We are having a blast planning this thing, if it works out next year we’ll invite adults.


1 Comment

  1. mom said,

    September 20, 2007 at 7:25 pm

    What a party that will be. I was a little spooked by your woods trail in the dark and it was in its normal state. Sounds like a lot of fun to prepare and then to laugh and laugh during and for years after. A great memory maker for those teenagers. The social area is already very inviting. What a change it will be from our visit in May of 07 to another visit in 08. Love Ya all and take care, Mom

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