We took a little flying break. We wanted to see if the field next to us would be big enough to use. Our field is still not ready. We have more trees to cut, and were in the middle of making a well cover that happens to be right smack in the middle of our landing strip. The field we used was just mowed so we tested it out. We used it Monday. Since my machine has the most power to climb out, I was the guinea pig. We never really know if its going to be long enough were both poor judges of distance. I cleared the trees at the end of the field with no problems . The landing is always a bit freaky cause a field looks huge on the ground but in the air it turns into the size of a postage stamp. I circled a bit and flew near our house so I could finally see our land from the air. Sure looks smaller from up there. I went back to the field and landed with no problems.

Today the weather cooperated for Bruce so he took his little machine out for a spin. He just wanted to see if he remembered how to fly since it had been so long. He took off with no problems on his second attempt. Next time I’ll bring the camera up so you can see pictures of our place from the air.


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