The New Barn

Not much of a creative title but it’s finally here.

They got the thing framed, then they’ll come back to put the skin on this Wednesday. They were so fast 4 guys got this far in one and a half days. We used National Barn Company. They had a nice web site so we checked them out, talked with a couple of their sales guys and chose them. The thing that impressed me the most is, there’s no fear of losing money. They only wanted half the money when they delivered the materials. This is nice, because if they don’t show up at least you still have what you paid for and you can still build it. The rest of the money is only needed when they are finished and we’re completely satisfied. We picked out the colors and the shape of the barn. We could have done almost anything we wanted. The sales guys came to the house, put everything we wanted into his computer and gave us an instant price; no pressure. We messed with the pitch of the roof and the over all look for a week before we came up with this. It’s 40 X 30 and the porch is another 8 feet wide. Bruce gets 30 feet to use as a workshop I get the back 10 feet for 2 stalls. We had them put in a dutch door on each side for the stalls and then we’ll finish the interior stalls ourselves. I know what your thinking. Stalls? They don’t even have horses. Well I’m putting them in just in case a couple of horses wander by. You never know right?


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