The Cantina

We got the other half of our project started. Hows it look? This is the Cantina, we plan to put down pavers in the area and the structure will have a roof. This is our party area, when it all finally comes together we should have a built in bar, grill and Bruce is building me a huge farmers table. I’m planning to install the landscaping in the fall. When it’s all complete this area will be hardly visible from the house. The plan is for a very lush tropical feel, more like a garden room.

We’ll see if we can pull it off.

The weather is still beating us up. I managed to somehow harvest the sunflowers. They are huge, this picture doesn’t do them justice some are dinner plate size.

We will be processing these tomorrow. We’re trying different spices when we roast them. The first batch was with salt only Justin soaked them over night in a heavy salt bath then we roasted them they were so yummy. I’ve read a few recipes on the internet. I’ll let you know which wins the taste test.


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  1. mom said,

    August 27, 2007 at 9:14 pm

    Sounds like a lot of party time in the making. Are you really going to do a Burning Man thing? I’ve been hearing about those events, didn’t like what I heard. We went to our first History of the Movies class tonight and heard a lot of conversation I am not used to. The Movie of the evening was “Swingers”, a low cost movie. The Prof. gave an apology for the language afterwards, I think that was addressed to us. We laughed during the movie along with all the youth so maybe we could understand the Burning Man theme too.
    Question, is the Buffcochin chicken one of those with the feathered legs? I think the little mutt is adorable, hope it is a little tuffy and ends up ruling the roost.
    Build on you South Carolinians, more power to you. Love Mom

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