Our Little Oasis

Here it is!!! We fought through delirium and heat exhaustion. In 104 degree days, just so you all could see this. We didn’t want to leave you hanging for too long. We finished the deck, even risking heat stroke. Now of course this is phase 1 as you can see there is no way up to our little oasis. I’d invite you all here for a swim, but without stairs, you all have to wait for phase 2. Right now the pool is for Bruce and I. We work hard then we swim. Our little oasis is so private Bruce has decided naked swimming is the way to go. I’ll spare you the details but living in the woods has gone to his head.

In other news…. the chicken front was dealt another blow. The woodland creatures have regrouped and are on the offensive yet again. Our noisy rooster was put in the chicken coop for the night. This rooster would park himself on the front porch at 4AM and crow near my bedroom window. The other night, I decided enough was enough so I banished him to the coop of death. I was only kidding when I called it the Coop of Death, that was till I went to let the rooster out. Normally he’s looking out the window of the coop pacing, waiting for me to let him out. This time I didn’t see him. When I opened the door, no rooster. No blood, no headless corpse… nothing. The evil woodland creatures had another meal on me. These creatures appear cute in the movies but I know better, they are ruthless assassins. The fox lifted the sliding side door of the coop in the cover of darkness. Looked around and thought, I can do this. Even with a mouthful of large rooster, he was able to lift the heavy sliding door up and get out with his prize. I found a trail of feathers but no body. I hope he enjoyed his last chicken.

Today I spent 5 hours revamping my chicken yard and coop. the sliding doors have locks and the top of the chicken yard has a strong metal top, nothing is getting in. The war is on baby, oh….. its on. Tonight I put in the sacrificial chick. I hatched him 2 weeks ago and he’s been living in my bathtub.

Tonight the little trooper goes in, alone armed with nothing but small wings and tiny tail feathers. Tomorrow we see if my great plan worked. This war is personal, I know how these woodland creatures think they laugh at my futile attempts. They rip open my food bins and eat freely. They leave foot prints on my things just to mock me. They even go around the traps and laugh. Tonight the little trooper will tease them all. He’ll chirp loudly and no one will be able to get in. The only small flaw in my plan is snakes. I can’t battle everything out there so hopefully it’s not the snakes turn tonight.



  1. Lisa said,

    August 14, 2007 at 8:07 am

    You guys are amazing!!! I wish I had just a drop of your talent.

  2. Pop from former CT, now SC said,

    August 14, 2007 at 10:48 am

    I think, at this time, you people are in danger.
    The Confederated Wild Animals Association of SC has approved the plan submitted by the Fox/Racoon committee. The plan layout follows:
    1. Get the chickens first
    2. Then all the roosters
    3. Then the ducks
    4. Then the little cat
    5. Then the dogs
    6. Then all the birds
    7. Then THEM !!

    Think buying 4 shot guns (12 pellets) and a couple of granades !!!

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