And so it begins

We’re finally done pushing dirt around in the meadow area. Now we wait for the National Barn Company to come with our barn . It’s scheduled for August 8th. I’ll be taking pictures so you can see the progress.

Since that area is now ready, we decided to start on the pool project. This was going to be a deck with an arbor, hahahahahahah ,like that would be hard. We can’t do it, thats just too simple. We need more, more, more I tell ya. Now it’s going to be an incredible hang out area arbor, bar, roof, pond, oh ya…. I wanted the kitchen sink but Bruce said that was over kill. He decided an outdoor shower was better. We went to home depot to buy the wood. We were having one of those lucky days, the kind where everything goes your way. When we got to the store they were having an unadvertised sale on pressure treated wood, 20% off. How in the world could we pass that up. We got all the wood we needed, we even had to make 2 trips it was so heavy. We saved hundreds of dollars. One of the employees said he thought the sale was there because it was end of the quarter and the store was trying to meet some quota. Guess their bonuses were tied to the sales numbers. We were so happy, we saved somewhere around 6 or 7 hundred dollars……… pond just got bigger.


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