Feeling Spicy

Yup, I’ve been busy, to busy to write. We’re in the middle of so many projects it’s hard to decide which has the highest priority. First on our list is prepping the meadow for the new barn. Bruce has been grading it himself  just to see if he could. We’re cheap and paying some Neanderthal to do it is hard. I’ve called a few, they always grunt the old line, “I’ll be up this afternoon to give you an estimate” then they never show. I hate paying for something we can do ourselves better. Renting the proper machine to do it fast is 2000.00 then Bruce has to take time off work and hope for good weather. Instead we plan to let the poor little tractor do it, it’s just going to take more time. We have till August 8 to get it done.

Second on the list is the pool project. It needs a deck and an entertainment area, oh and a bar and a grill area….. oh and while were dreaming, a roof of some sort over the entertainment area so if it rains were safe. Then we thought we might as well put an arbor there and a cool path to the woods, you get the picture. Its amazing how easy it is on paper to just add and add. This time it’s not my doing Bruce is the one on his little lap top adding and adding.

The other things on the to do list is my garden. The vegetables are coming along real nice. I wish I had planted more. Next year I”ll do it different, for now I’ve been inspired by all my tomatoes and jalepenos.

Look what I did!!!!

Can you guess?

Yup super delicious homemade salsa!!!

And here’s Justin eating it up. Someone had to be the guinea pig. The critic gave it a thumbs up, not to spicy not to mild. Ok got salsa and no chips guess I’m running to the store now.


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  1. mon said,

    July 24, 2007 at 2:22 pm

    Hi down there.
    What a great time you are having and working hard at the same time. Hope Bruce’s back problem from the swimming pool event is back in shape. Now the leveling of the land for the barn. The Burning Man event? Well Keith explained it, needless to say I am so glad we will not be attending, and I am also happy I am not a neighbor at the time of your frolicking. I assume the cute cat is Otis!
    Keith suggested that Felice come visit as she know a lot about killing chickens. A bit of news from Benin is that all cell-phones are unusable. It seems the cell-phone company has never paid their bill and says they will not, so their licence has been revoked. Cuts down on communications. Two more stories but too much for this writing, both scary.
    My wee garden is bearing fruits. Radishes, beets and lettuce are being enjoyed and replanting for a second crop have started. Pea, Beans, Carrots, Eggplant, Russel Sprouts, Kohlrabi and Cherry Tomatoes are coming along. Sounds like a lot but there really isn’t much in volume.

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