Back to the Farm

We left for a little 4th of July fun at the beach. My parents just moved into their new house, so we went for a visit to the beach house. We had a great time. My sister and her bunch were there, that made it a party. Myrtle beach wasn’t as crowded as I had expected and the fireworks were on the beach. Now it’s back to the farm to catch up on the chores. The dogs came with us on the trip because we took the RV and now every time I open the RV door the dogs sneak in. I think they’re ready to go on another trip.

My garden has yielded lots of good stuff and right now I’m most proud of my sunflowers. Next year I think I’ll really go nuts and put them more places.

The trip was only for 3 days and I think the runner ducks missed us the most. I found them up by the house begging for food when we got home. The lazy ducks are supposed to forage but they’re so spoiled they come to the house every morning to beg for a hand out.

I wish I could get a better picture of them the colors of the blues and greens in their feathers is amazing in the sun.

Our next big project is coming up soon. We ordered a beautiful 30×40 barn. The materials will arrive in August and this time we have someone else doing the building. Bruce is going to grade the site if possible but the rest is being built by National Barn Co. I’m glad cause this is a big build. Bruce would die in the sweltering August heat. I’m all excited, it’s going to have a porch, 2 stalls, a cupola, and lots more stuff. I don’t want to give it all away, I’ll be posting construction pictures.


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