Global warming relief

It’s HOT ………… Stinkin……. HOT!!!!! Super Stinkin Hot!!!!!

Question: What do you do when the 90 degree temps just won’t leave?

Answer: You go out in that horrible heat and build a pool.

Yup, were gluttons for punishment. We want to make sure our kids get all the education they can out of their summer vacation.

Sweat, tears and hard labor; isn’t that how our country was founded? The kids learned what it’s like to be on a prison work detail. The sweltering heat of the midday sun, the back breaking work that goes on and on, all the while knowing that the sweet relief of air conditioning is a mere 100 feet away. Ok, let me start from the beginning…..

We decided we needed a simple pool, nothing fancy, just a way of relaxing after a long day. So we bought a 24′ pool. What?…. you want a thousand dollars to install it?……. Ha, I don’t think so…. we’re healthy adults with 2 grown kids. How hard can it be to do it ourselves? It’s not rocket science, it’ll only take a day or 2 right? They have instructions on the internet? Well, then it must be easy to do?

The whole ordeal started on a Tuesday. What takes professionals 4 hours to do took us……. till…. well lets just say it’s a work in progress.

Bruce is a bit of a perfectionist so getting the ground level took some time, I was happy with close enough but that wasn’t going to happen. After a couple of days of taking a little bit of dirt from here, and then a little bit more from there, he got it level. Then came the real work. We got up and started at 7am so as to avoid the heat of the day. We figured we’d be done by noon with the hard stuff. I should have known better.

7:30 Am – Bruce hurts his back jumping on a paver. That was a sign from the heavens to stop and do this another day. We’re pig headed fools and we continue to work.

10:00 AM We wake up the kids so they can learn a new skill. Pool construction 101.

12:00 PM The kids master the art of shoveling sand and tamping it level. Bruce at this point can no longer bend over so he’s reduced to supervisor role only. I can hear him bitching up a storm… it’s not level, it’s not round, don’t step on it.

2:00 The walls of the pool are made of a ridiculously heavy metal that Justin and I have to rock back and forth to open into the 24′ circle. When it’s finally on the track and open I find that I’m now trapped in the middle of a 52″ high circle with no ladder to get out and lots more sand to shovel. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but in the 96 degree temps it’s more like the circle is hell and I’m there to die.

3:00 Erin is forced to jump from a ladder outside the circle into hell with me to shovel and complain about the heat for the next 2 hours.

5:00 Erin and I spread the sand at the edges of the circle and open the liner for the pool.

6:00 Finally sweet relief, the water begins to flow and we see hope of getting out of this hell.

Lesson learned…… there must be a lesson in there somewhere right? Oh ya don’t try this at home kids it’s painful and it never ends. Theres landscaping….. filter……. deck….. oh but let the 90’s come. Dam you mother nature you can’t whip our butts we laugh in the face of dehydration and back pain bwahahahahahhaha


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