Baby madness

The Quail hatched. We had 4 quail eggs in the incubator, 1 looked questionable from the beginning it had a small hole, the other 3 looked good. We waited the 23 days, diligently turning the eggs 2 times a day, till finally the hatching began. It was odd how the chick pecked its way around in a circle, he cut his way out of the top and out popped the ugliest little alien. I wish the pictures were a bit clearer but I had to turn off the blinding flash.

Out of the 4 eggs only 1 chick came out. The problem with this is that it has now bonded to Justin and it thinks he’s the momma. The poor baby runs up and down on Justins shoulders it snuggles with him and crys out for him when he leaves the room. They make a cute pair.

Justin isn’t ready for fatherhood. He says his baby is too needy, he cries out to much, he really would like to let it go out and find its freedom. I say welcome to my world!!!

On that note, the other baby of the family (Erin), just got her drivers license. I’m sure if you were standing outside, at the moment she passed the driving test, you would have heard me scream NOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!

Now the world is no longer safe from her tyranny. Remember it doesn’t matter what state you live in, she has no sense of direction. She wasn’t sure what coast we lived on and she thought South America was where Africa is. I’m thinking it’s only a matter of time till I get a call from Alabama and it’ll be Erin telling me she’s lost in Alaska somewhere. Be afraid…… be very afraid……….


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