The other Mom and Dad

The Ohio mom and dad stopped by for a little R and R. Its been a week since they left and I just now got the energy to sit and type.

We had a great time with the folks. We are ever so grateful that we didn’t harm them in anyway shape or form. I’m sure glad the paintball, the walking, and the hot South Carolina weather agreed with them. I hope Erins germs didn’t make it to Ohio. She was, as they say in the south “one hurtn puppy” Erin managed to get a horrible cold while they visited and her germy little self went coughing and snorting from one area of the house to the other, usually with a piece of toilet paper hanging out of her nose.

Even with the dangers present in the house, we managed to squeeze in a little danger outside. Why not go for all the marbles, lets just take poor old dad out for a paintball match. Its ok if he’s on blood thinners, we’ll just pad him up and he’ll be ok right?

I’m glad I was at work for that one.

The folks got to see lots of things while I was at work. They went to see rare flowering lillies (at least I think thats what they were) they got lucky and happened to see them at their peak blooming time. The pictures look great.

I had to throw in this picture cause it made me laugh. As you can see no damage was done by the paintballs.

The other event they were able to enjoy was the running of the turtles. Not a well known tradition in most parts but turtles can get wild if they start stampeding. We let 6 slider turtles from Florida have their freedom. The little guys ran down the hill and into the water, no goodbyes and no band played. Hopefully they’ll stay in our pond and let us have something to look for when we stare at our orange muddy water.

I’m glad to have had the folks here, they learned new things about country life. Like chickens are truly funny and yup roosters do attack. We showed them that an evening walk around the yard can be a little spooky. I can’t wait for their next visit. I’m sure we can come up with plenty more things to do to them with them. Their visit wasn’t going to be complete without a picture of us. We didn’t mind posing but this wasn’t quite what I had in mind.

Next time its their turn to pose.


1 Comment

  1. Pattie said,

    June 7, 2007 at 9:43 am

    Well did the turtles ever make it to the pond? Have you seen any of them yet? I want to see the ducks in their house. Did they fly away yet or been eaten by another animal?

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