The wienie dog found a great surprise in the woods. It was hard to keep her from killing it, but Bruce managed to grab her in time. I ran with the camera but my pictures were to rushed in the madness. The first picture is of the poor little Bambi as the dog barked and postured for it.

Then the chase was on, Bambi made a critical error. It made a mad dash for safety, before we had our hands on the dog. Bruce ran to save it, I ran cause I had the camera, Justin ran cause he wasn’t going to miss out on the carnage. The dog ran cause she knew this was a defenseless baby that was easy prey. I’ve never heard such loud sounds come out of a baby, Bambi has some lungs. The chase crossed thru woods and thru a deep ravine. The dog had Bambi pinned down by the throat when we caught up. Lucky for Bambi Bruce was able to pull the dog off in time. Bambi lives another day and the dog gets in big trouble. The dog got to spend the rest of the day in the house whining for her freedom. We left Bambi in the woods no worse for wear. Hopefully it learned a lesson, the next dog will most likely have longer legs and the battle might come out different.


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