Our 90%

We’ve been doing a lot of projects here at the farm. The one I was really looking forward to was the walkway. Most of you would think it’s no big deal but when I go out my front door I have a lot of red clay to wade thru just to get to my car. That might be ok if you work in a factory or on a farm but I work in a hospital. I go to work early in the morning when its still dark. I can’t really see where I’m walking. I walk to my car and then into work. I spend the rest of the morning going in and out of patients rooms, leaving them nice little clumps of clay. For a long time I was complaining about those dam men and their big boots. Then I realized it was me, that dam nurse and her dirty sneakers. Now its finally done, I can safely walk to my car and not step in mud or what ever other little surprises are around. I still have to navigate the complete darkness cause Bruce had the power company turn off the security light. But I’m ok with that, I can now stroll with confidence. We made it a little more special with the dragonfly inlay and of course a few chicken prints and cat prints. The concrete work went without incident until the very end. We do many projects a year, but I always try to guess where our 90% factor will be. I’ll explain myself. Every do-it yourselfer knows some things just never get completely finished. Theres always that one little part of the project, where you ran out of stuff or that one hard part you just can’t get right, so you leave it for another day. We call it our 90% factor every project we do has it. I can name you examples all over where, the last little part was left. The molding left for later, the door never hung, or the holes never filled. On this project my surprise came as we were pouring the last end of the walkway and the concrete driver said “your out of concrete”. Bruce calculated it to perfection, we should have had the exact amount. He swears he was ripped off and they didn’t bring the right amount. I know it was the construction Gods messing with us. If we had completely finished the walkway the world would have collapsed upon its self. 90% is all we are allowed anything more complete and we would have performed a miracle and well you know, thats not going to happen. I’m ok with the walkway. I know it won’t be long before Bruce and I can come up with some other reason to use concrete. For now I can skip to my car in the dark without worries. The unfinished part is in the other direction. Maybe….hmmm………maybe just maybe, I can get Bruce to dig a hole for a concrete swimming pool. Let me go sit outside and contemplate the concrete possibilities. I’ll let you know what I come up with.


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