The Babies

It’s baby time everywhere across the nation. It’s the time of year where like it or not everything gets the urge to reproduce ( I’ve had a talk with Erin so no reproducing for her). We have our share of babies. I ordered my babies from Texas this year. I figured I’d try a new place, since they didn’t have a minimum order. Instead of 25 chicks and 10 runner ducks, I was able to order 7 runner ducks and thirteen chicks. I got some Texas sized ducklins, I got the black ones because at this point our pond has a problem with silt. We’re going to fix that next year, but here in S.C. our soil in clay, bright orange clay. I wanted to order the ducks that came in a tan and white color but then I’d have ducks that alway had an orange dirty ring around their bellies from the clay water. Black ducks won’t show the bathtub ring. They were so little and cute when I picked them up at the post office. Then in 1 weeks time they doubled in size. I’m so amazed. Runner Ducks are soooo funny. We put them outside for the first time yesterday, just wanted to see what they’d do. They move as a mass 7 little bodies moving together. If we moved, they moved. Where ever we went all 7 followed as a group. I love these guys, those rubbery feet, big knobby knees and flat heads. At this point I’m stuck with them in my bathroom till they grow some feathers. I want them outside, but we have to build them a place so they’ll be safe from predators. I was thinking of a floating duck house. I have plenty of left over materials from the chicken coop so now we just need time to do it.

Cute huh?

These guys are not the only thing going in the pond. The turtles we got from Florida get to go out there to as soon as the water warms up a little bit. And yes they’re in the house to right now.

Ok, not so cute.

The chicks are cute to but thats another story. I have to go outside to mow, the rain is coming and the field is up to my knees in grass/weeds.


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