Part 2

Florida sure had some interesting sights. We went to Tarpon Springs while we were in Florida. Did you know there’s a large Greek community there? We went for a little walk and of course when around Greeks do as the Greeks do…… Eat gyros, pronounced as yeeros . MMMMM lamb and beef smothered in a white sauce wrapped.. well you’ve all had them at some point in your lives. Then theres the deserts mmmmmmm.

Tarpon Springs is known for sponges. This is what Greeks really do here. You thought that was only in the movies huh… nope you were wrong they still go out into the gulf and dive down for sponges.

Well, Florida was fun but time to get back to the real world.

Next order of business, the babies are coming, the babies are coming. Friday the shipment of 10 new chickens and 5 ducks arrive I’m all excited. I hope this new breed of chickens is as friendly as our big rooster Godzilla. When we arrived home from Florida he jumped the fence and came running to greet us. I’ll take lots of pictures. Ok big thunder storm happening here got to get off the computer.


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