Were back… Part 1

Lots of news to tell. The trip to Florida was fun, we did get to see the abundant alligators of Florida. One of the guides we had said there are around 4 million people living in Florida and there are 1 million alligators.

I have lots of great pictures to share, but I’m tired of fighting with this program. You can see them all on the flicker site, there, on the sidebar. Our trip started with a quick stop at my sisters house in Tampa so we could wish Briana a happy birthday. We then got to go to my all-time favorite people watching place the Big Top Flea Market. There you can find any sort of cheap crap you can imagine. I was on the hunt for those little green turtles. We managed to pick out 10 healthy little guys and I mean little about the size of a silver dollar. Then I got to do my favorite sport, “people watching” you can imagine what I got to see. I wish I had brought my camera. The words just elude me, it’s enough to say that if you want to picture this properly as you read this you have to take off your shoes, grab a beer, oh and a cigarette  then lean back in your chair tuck your hand in your pants (for warmth I guess) then picture pure undiluted red white and blue americane redneck. I love that place!!!

  Ok enough of that, The trip was really about the alligator hunt we drove away from Tampa to get up close to alligators. The best place for alligators is the Everglades and there we learned alot. We got the best camping location we’ve ever been in. It was on the water with our own dock, beautiful landscaping and a sunrise to die for. Most of the campers were the over 60 set. They live there 4 months of the year and the golf carts were zipping around every corner, it was nice not to be the only people up at sunrise.

      We booked an evening kayak trip thru the mangroves. This was guided by a great guy who also does wilderness guided trips in Alaska the other half of the year. He guided us thru mangrove tunnels then into clearings where Justin got an up close look at an aligator. It was neat to see it floating so close with only his snout and eyes out of the water. The fish were everywhere Erin had one hit her kayak hard, she thought it was an alligator it hit so hard. The trip took us to the bird nesting grounds so as the sunset we got to see them all coming in to roost. We got a great picture of the sunset, then after it was completely dark we set out for the mangroves again. That was the freakiest part of the trip, it was completely black out. The only way to see your way was to follow the small glow sticks the guide attached to the back of each kayak. Without them we would have been lost. I wish I could describe everything better from the weird sounds of the night to the beautiful colors it was incredible I’d love to go back earlier in the year to explore more. We hit the everglades at the end of the dry season. They told us high season is from January till April then it becomes to rainy and buggy. We didn’t really need any bug spray and the temps were perfect. I want to do the over night kayak/camping  trip next.


We kayaked the fresh water part but there are many kayak trails into the more brackish areas . I guess there’s always next year…….


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