Shhhh were hunting Alligators…….


Were heading out to the Everglades with the RV . I think it’s time for the Whale to go for a little swim. First stop Tampa we have to harass my sister for a couple of days. Briana has a birthday and so does my sister. It’s the only time every year where I get to be the same age as her. I’m hoping to get some stuff for my pond while I’m in Florida. Ok, not alligators like Bruce and Justin suggested. I’m hoping to pick up some cute red slider turtles, they’re easier to find in Florida. I guess the law makers in Florida know their citizens are not dumb enough to put turtles in their mouths. Here in South Carolina they don’t sell turtles cause they can give you sammonilla poisoning. It’s crazy, we can blow ourselves up with fireworks which are sold at every corner store but the little turtle is band. Well, I’ll show them.

We aren’t just hitting Tampa we’re really heading to the Everglades to do some kayaking. We found a campground on a nearby island that sounds great. They have fishing trips you can book along with air boat rides and kayaking trips. We’ll check it all out and report back. We hope to keep the bugs at bay. Justin says we can cover ourselves with cancer causing chemicals and we’ll be fine. I don’t think they can be as bad as the killer mosquitos of Yellowstone.

See yall when we return………


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