Just take a little off the top

The butchers of the power company came for a visit. They’re the guys that clear trees away from the power lines. I call them butchers, they hack and hack with chain saws and a strange truck that has a long arm with a circular blade at the end of it. They don’t look at the beauty of the tree, they look at the distance between the tree limb and the power line. Bruce hates them, I don’t despise them as much as he does. I try to look at the bright side, I get free mulch out of the deal and they promise not to come back for 6 years. Bruce on the other hand wants to put up a gate and buy a gun. The guys took 3 hours to shape my trees into ugly limbless sticks, no mercy. No more shady driveway entrance, now just a hacked straight line. The gate might not be a bad idea.

We’ve also been working on getting a walkway to the front door. I’m sure you city folk with your pretty shoes, will appreciate this improvement. The path to the door will make things less muddy. Especially for me in the early morning, when I go to work. It’ll be nice to know what I’m stepping in. I’ve brought in clumps of clay to the hospital stuck to my sneakers. Everyone always complains about the patients with boots and their clumps of dried mudd all over the place. Hahahahahah………. little do they know, it’s me!!!


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