Spring fling

I’m flinging dirt. The weather is so nice I’ve been in the garden everyday. It’s pretty hard to stop and come inside. I thought I’d let you all see what we’ve been up to. The garden needed a little protection from the rabbits. We built a home made little house on the prairie fence. You know we farmers aint got no money for them there fancy white fencin. I think it’s coming out ok, wait till you see the gate Bruce is going to build.

The local rabbits aren’t getting any of my produce, now the herd of deer that cross our property may have a few plans of their own. I know how they think. I’m just going to have to make Bruce go outside and pee near the garden so they won’t get close to it. I hope to have all kinds of stuff growing by summer. I’m definitely building an old timey scare crow for the middle it’ll be fun to see him there every morning.


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