Spring is springing out all over….

Spring is here for we southern folk. I feel bad for you northern folk. Come on down, we got some pretty flowers and my garden is starting up with a bang. It almost looks like I know what I’m doing. I’ve been so busy with yard work, every chance I get I’m out there. Yesterday I went out around 9 AM and I lost track of time I found out it was 3:30 when Justin pulled up after school. It’s funny how some days are like that you get so into what your doing time disappears. Bruce bought me a beautiful rototiller and it’s getting a lot of use. Some of the crops are in, I’ve got lettuce, carrots, broccoli, onions and snow peas, all planted waiting to sprout… I hope. I’ve also got some things planted indoors waiting for their turn to come outside.

Now my next battle is with fencing because the chickens are the nosiest bunch. They have to get close to see if I’ve dug up any delicious bugs for them. Then they start stomping all my hard work.  They’ve gotten to be a pushy bunch they rule the yard. The dogs are afraid of them. They won’t get off the porch if they’re nearby. The roosters kick their butts every time it’s kind of sad. Guess it’s payback for the earlier killing Sticky did. I’ve placed an order for 10 more chickens and 5 ducks these will be all hens hopefully. I’m planning of getting rid of 3 roosters. I’ve ordered a different variety of chicken, the new chickens will lay green eggs. Yes green, and you thought green eggs and ham was just a tale. I love my chickens they make me laugh. I’ve trained one to jump on command. Stupid pet tricks, I have one thats trained me to never turn my back to it. I’m sure he wants to see what the inside of my oven looks like. For now I let him live, he keeps me on my toes when I’m walking near the coop.


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