Winter? I think not

For those of you trapped in the north with little to look at but the white stuff, I feel your pain. I am feeling pain, pain in my back, my arms and in places I forgot I could get pain. I guess when winter was here I did a bit to much lazing around and now that spring has arrived I’m reminded that I need to go slow and work my muscles slowly into shape. I’ve started another project. I was thinking of getting the pond into a more attractive state in the future, but I just can’t leave it alone. It calls my name every time I drive past it. That’s because it lays or ( is that lies?) right along side the driveway. If I close my eyes to avoid looking at it I might plummet into it. Whats a person to do? Clean it was my only choice. Here is a nice picture of what it looks like in the summer.

How could I leave that alone? It has a nice layer of honeysuckle growing over another layer of equally lovely prickly wild raspberries. Ok now here’s the after picture.

I’m standing on the same spot as the other picture. Not bad huh I’ve got the scratches to prove it was me that cleared it.

Ok now picture it in the summer with waterlillies and a few ducks. Oh better yet, picture it with the lillies, ducks and me sitting on my pretty bench having a cold beer.


1 Comment

  1. Pattie said,

    March 17, 2007 at 1:05 am

    You need to add some commas to your sentences. Just thought you could use some constructive criticism.

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