Self Sufficiency 101

To be self sufficient a food source is important. Right now we have no garden because winter is still here. There is no root cellar full of canned veggies because we moved here to late in the season to start a garden. We have no cow, we don’t hunt sooooooooo I’m left with our chickens as our only food source. Things are looking bad. The coyotes stole another chicken yesterday and we now only have 11 and from that 5 are stinkin roosters. We do have a hardy supply of firewood. I think we can make it thru the rest of the winter with whats left. OK, OK, OK, it’s really not that bad. Thank god it’s really not the 1700s or we’d be dead for sure. Walmart is only 20 minutes away and we have a heatpump so the fire isn’t needed. But what if we were settlers out west we would be in really big trouble. First of all I get scared just walking across the yard in the dark to lock the chickens in the coop. It’s dark out here I mean DARK every leaf that crunches in the woods is my certain death and we don’t even have wolves around . Bruce laughs at me cause I walk out there talking out-loud to myself… it scares away the evil glowing eyes. Second of all if I see frost outside I stay inside till it’s gone. I’m not meant for the cold, even the dogs have to be chased outside if there’s frost. Weinies dogs don’t like the feel of frost on their low to the ground bellies. You may be asking where am I going with all this? Well this all leads me to show you how pathetic we are at being self reliant. Our chickens were only able to muster the courage to lay 1 egg so far and it was as pathetic an attempt as you can imagine. Here is a picture of their pride and joy the incredible edible mini egg. I’ve placed it with the eggs from the store for comparison.

Sad isn’t it? Guess I need bigger chickens. Ok, I’m off to forage in Walmart wish me luck, it’s a jungle out there.


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  1. mom/joan reid said,

    February 19, 2007 at 12:16 am

    Everyone has to start somewhere, even chickens. Spring is coming somewhere, not here in Ohio. We have had snow, a lot of snow, since the 30th of January. It is beautiful but it is really cold. Did you all share that first egg or will there be another exciting new commer to the “Farm”? By now.

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