Winter, Summer, Winter, Summer………

It’s been a wild ride as far as the weather goes. Today I’ve been outside in a Tee shirt. Last Thursday I fought my way to work thru 3 inches of snow. Next week who knows, maybe I’ll go to Florida for a swim… oh scratch that…… they’ve been getting tornados . I guess all I can do is keep on doing my thing, and ignore the weather. My thing has been a little full these last few days. I took my mom from here to Myrtle Beach where my dad has been house shopping. They’re retired now and the old farts are buying a brand new house in a 55+ community. They get those fancy panic buttons all over the house you know the type ” I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” you press the button and the whole world comes to the rescue.

    I think I’m going to call it my beach house. It’s 15 minutes from the beach and only a 2 1/2 hour drive from here. My beach house has plenty of space and it should be ready in April.  Seriously, it was great fun helping my parents pick out some of the finishes for the house. The only true sticking point in their purchase was the front door. My mom hates it and thats all we heard about for days, if only she hadn’t seen the door she loved on the model home, maybe it would have been different. I have to make sure it’s on record that my dad has promised to replace the door once they get settled in. I think the door is fine but since the handy man that’ll be living in my beach house is going to replace it I’ll let him.

   Back at the farm the work on the porch has slowed a bit due to my adding the kitchen project. I can’t live without color it’s painful to come in and see walls colored white. Is it even worth saying white’s a color? I ordered a butcher block counter top for part of the kitchen. It goes with the new knives Bruce got me for christmas. I’m sure he would have rethought that puchase if he knew it would lead to this.

Ok don’t judge it yet, it’s not finished and theres a lot of trim work missing. Wait till I add the purple !!!!


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  1. February 13, 2007 at 10:38 am

    Over on my Sugar Mountain Farm blog on the Tiny Cottage Loft Scaffold Up post you asked about head room in the loft. There is not much. It is a kiddlin’ space and the entire floor is the bed so I don’t expect they’ll be standing much. In the center it is about 48″, slightly less at the edge of the counters and then sweeping down with the curve of the roof to the floor of the loft which is the top of the bond beam of the walls. But! Will and Ben think it is spacious considering their existing loft has only 28″ of headroom. 🙂 Hope, being only 36″ tall thinks it is just grand.

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