What is pci or a bios or atx for that matter?Well let me tell you, when a boy has toys that are in another realm from my own I have to become educated just to keep up my end of the conversation. I don’t really want to know about all these things. Those of you as uninformed as me welcome to the computer world. It’s where Justin lives, he travels in the pixel world where frame rates matter where a simple program runs only by tinkering with electronic parts that talk to each other only if you massage them just right.

I wanted to help Bruce build the porch but the boy was having a computer emergency.You see, Justin is cheap, he hordes his money, so for him to spend any of it, he has to think it thru for days and days. Well, he finally spent some on computer upgrades it nearly killed him. Three hundred and fifty dollars gone in the click of a button. A man has to do what a man has to do. He has to keep the obsolete computer gods at bay. When that much money is involved it’s an emergency if it doesn’t work the way you want it. He bought a beautiful video card, shiny, huge, powerful. It was as thou someone gave him the keys to a Corvette and said here it’s yours. I just don’t get it, but then again, I don’t live in the pixel world. He spent hours trying to get things to work then more upgrades were needed to make the first purchase work then more time, more money, then finally the call for mommy and daddy to bail him out. HA!!  like we know anything useful. I have now spent as much time working on his problem as I can. Today is the day his new video card and power source and what ever else he’s doing is going to work . I somehow ended up with upgrades to my computer, as he tested his theories about his computer problem. Thanks to his problems I now have a spiffy new video card that works great on my machine, hahahahaha. He instead has his computer at the techs place getting it looked at. It kills him to be without his machine. He paced around the house all Sunday looking pitiful. He played with the chickens, he wandered around the yard, he even helped work on the porch. The sad zombie like walk told the real story. The boy was missing his best friend. The poor little machine was off having surgery and he couldn’t be there with it. 

I have learned alot helping him but I’m tired, my brain hurts and I just want his little machine to live. It’s sad to watch him looking at the clock waiting for the call from the tech. Will it live? Will all the time and money bring him his beloved machine home improved and ready to join him in his quest for the fastest frame rates attainnable?  I hope so cause, HE’S MAKING ME CRAZY!!!!!!

Stay tuned for the home coming……..


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  1. mom/joan reid said,

    January 15, 2007 at 11:04 am

    Good Luck, hope the homecoming is quick. We have similar events at our house from time to time. When Chas can’t play a chess game with someone in Turkey it is a big ta-do. Sometimes it is just the button not pushed at the proper time, sometimes the Dr. says “you need a this or that $$$. This too will pass, until another day…..It has been raining for days up here in Ohio, flood warning up for today as the earth is soaked to the limit. El Nino has robbed us of snow. But alas February can still provide us the winter wonder land we enjoy (up to a point, as they say be careful what you wish for).
    The porch looks like a Bruce porch in the making, It will outlive the house. We look forward to sitting there or around the pit enjoying the country views.
    Love Ya, Mom

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