El Nino ?

They say it’s not global warming. (they?) The powers that be, you know them, the media, the polititions, (they) say what ever we need to hear. I know the weather can do some strange things but now what? Right now (they) are saying it’s not global warming it’s el nino. Maybe yes, maybe no, but how am I supposed to get apples this year if this weather keeps messing up. My tree is so confused.

Look at the poor thing, what will happen in February? On the bright side, I get to wear a tee shirt in the dead of winter. I guess the next step will be to go naked because if it’s 75 now, I’m sure come July I’m going to pay for El nino with a lot of sweat.

The chickens are loving it, they get fresh grass and bugs. We are now down to 14 chickens. I gave a few more away to a co worker. I had 7 roosters and that was a bit over the top. When the leader would crow the others would join him it was madness. They went to live on a nice farm, hahahahahaha I can say that now and mean it. It’s not just a story you tell your kids when a pet has to go. I really did move them to another farm, 100 acres and lots of other chicken friends to play with. Now I have 3 roosters and thats fine with the whole gang. The newly elected boss of the flock is a tad bit on the goofy side. I’m thinking his reign is short lived, but then again he does look a bit like Donald Trump and you’ve seen what that loser has been able to do.


Like his comb over?

The porch is moving right along even though we haven’t worked on it a full day yet. We only get in a few hours in here and there. Mostly due to rain and darkness. I’m getting excited, when the roof goes on it, it’ll really look like something.


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