The vacation continues

Bruce finished up the form work today. He’s home from work for the week. I’m sure he’ll keep at it all week till it’s done. I’m just the helper, I carry stuff, screw in boards and mostly do the painting. This is in part because Bruce says I have a horrible crooked eye and I can’t be trusted. Ok, I do have a history of being slightly off with the level and I do have a habit of throwing things that don’t work properly. But in my defense the staple gun did need a beating with the sledge hammer and well the multiple other tools that met their end deserved it. The concrete truck comes tomorrow at noon. I’m at work all day so it’ll be a little surprise for me when I get home. I at least won’t be in the way and no tools will lose their lives.


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  1. mom/joan reid said,

    December 28, 2006 at 9:16 pm

    So what else is new, Bruce is building an etc, etc, etc. The end results are always wonderful, and it takes a family to build a porch designed by Bruce. We look forward to May when we will come for a visit. I’ll be pushing Champaign at Giant Eagle this Saturday, and a concoction of Brie, Cream Cheese and butter on Sunday. It is a fun job and educational too. Our conversation group discussed the commercialism of Christmas today and ended up with the right to die on ones own terms. How did we get from the first chosen subject to the second one that just came about? Beats me, no one could figure out how or when the subject switched. Next month the second subject will be continued as no one wanted to call it quits. Ugh, not my idea of a fun conversation.
    Hope you all have a Happy New Year with lots of your dreams being fulfilled as the year progresses. Love, Mom

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