Post Holiday Happenings

The Christmas packages have all been opened and we had a great time on Christmas day. We played games all day watched some great movies and pretty much hung out. It rained all day so it really was the perfect weather to have a nice lazy day.

    Our holiday meal consisted of a delicious roast duck, mashed potatoes and fresh green beans. The deserts were all around us, as some of you already know I have a very huge sweet tooth. Chocolate was in every room, in every corner and in my greedy little hands at all times. I feel sorry for those of you that can’t obey your inner demon, the little guy that lives inside all of us that says, “eat the sugary goodness its ok.”  Well then, if you insist on denying yourselves, MORE FOR ME!!!!!!!! I take in all donations of unwanted, unloved, chocolate please don’t let it waste away that would be a crime.

   Now what? Christmas still lingers in the air and theres still plenty of goodies to be eaten. We can’t sit idle and let the chocolate euforia ruin us, can we? I say NO, I say if you play you got to pay. Today we wrestle brick and wood into submission. Today is the start of our porch project.

The porch project will take some time. Bruce has designed a beautiful covered porch entrance. We have to move part of the driveway and pour concrete footings then we can start the building portion. I’m all excited, it looks great on paper. We’ll keep you all posted on the progress.



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