Paintball is a funny thing. Grown men play it , kids play it and then there are those that take it to the extreme. The gun is a sadistic piece of equipment that produces perfectly round bruises. I don’t care how far away you are when you get shot, you always end up with a bruise. There are groups of people around the country that gather together to play what is known as scenerio games. This is where one group plays the Germans/Iraqees/Japanese or any terrorist group you can come up with, the other side gets to play the good guys. I’m prejudist, the good guys to me are always the Americans. Well anyway, the game has evolved into such a realistic adventure that grown men and women now head off into the woods with ATVs turned into fake tanks carrying all types of weapons, from pistols to grenade launchers. I am amazed at the stuff available online for the sole purpose of covering your friends in paint. One of the beautiful devices I’ve seen is the land mine, a nasty little plastic container filled with paint. Buried on a path and once stepped on it not only covers you with paint but it can be rigged to make an exposive sound. There are also grenades and my personal favorite: the trip wire explosive. Ok, ok, so now your all thinking I’m crazy but hear me out. What other game can you get a couple of teenagers to play that involves the outdoors, exercise, teamwork, strategy and the possibility of torturing your parents. I’m now able to get everyone to go into the woods, crawl thru mud, lay in dirt, wipe away what ever bugs may be on you in stealthy silence and for what……… just for the pleasure of hitting me with paint. Now thats love!!!! The Reid arsenal will grow for Christmas, I’m sure. Justin wants Santa to put a few grenades in his stocking; he wants any advantage he can get. He doesn’t understand, I’m the mom I’ll always out play him. Heres an example of the Bunkers Bruce and Justin built in the woods. I’m sure it won’t be long before they install a tree stand and some type of booby trap.


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  1. January 8, 2007 at 10:55 pm

    With proper clothings bruises would be mimimised.

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