Back to the grind

The turkey is all gone our company left and now it’s back to business as usual. We had a great visit, we did a little of this a little of that. We ate and ate and we were thankful.

 We were thankful that we didn’t get food poisoning, like the year my sister made the turkey and everyone threw up for days and days. We think it was the stomach flu going around but it suspiciously started hours after everyone ate her food. Well thats a whole other story and I can laugh now but I’m sure my dad can remember that visit very clearly cause he threw up the most. We were thankful for a lot of things, seems like every time my sister and I get together someone gets stitches, so we were thankful that after hiking, bike riding and paintball wars noone was bleeding.



We got to sit by the fire, burn lots of wood and eat our way thru 2 bags of marshmellows. We love our new fire pit, its a great spot to sit and talk. We sat there at night talking and we realized that my sister must have some kind of mental problem. She loves to burn things so the fire got started well before dark. She poked it and poked it all the while insisting it needed air. She managed to burn a lot of wood with a sort of crazed look on her face.

The Turkey Day visit was great. I hope they had fun. Now we know what additions are needed to the farm to keep us busy.

1. A horse shoe pit

2. Better forts for protection during the paintball wars and more guns. ( I really want paint grenades and land mines) Hmmmm Dear Santa……

3. I think I want a compound bow for target practice. I’m tired of watching Bruce and his silly bb gun pistol

4. I want ducks and a goat. The chickens are funny to watch and now I want more, more, more…..

5. I need a nice front porch for a few rocking chairs.

There are many other things we are planning. To find out what those are you need to come visit us. We promise to feed ya real home cookin. Justin is getting good at the baking and Bruce has his tryed and true recipes he makes. Just ask my sister we made home made chili and noone got sick. Come spring with the abundant rooster population we have I’m sure there’ll be fresh chicken on the menu and farm fresh eggs too.

Ok I got to go let the crazy chickens out.


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  1. mom/joan reid said,

    December 1, 2006 at 9:21 am

    Hi down there. Sounds and looks wonderful. What a change in life style from just a year ago. We are really looking forward to visiting, when the bugs and humidity are at bay. It is December already, school is winding down for us, finals are upon those that take them. Last evening in Music Appreciation class I said to the class “You won’t be seeing me, with my wicked little smile, and wished them all good luck”. They all laughed. Both Chas. and I thanked the teacher and she came rushing over to give us both a big hug , a hint of a tear in her eye and a thanks to us too. Guess we added an interesting dimension to her usual classroom. Next week the Intro to Anthropology will end, the old guy seems to be happy we are there to appreciate his jokes and long ago experiences. Yada Yads.. By now have a great December. Love Ya Mom

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