Christmas parade time

Our little nearby town of Greatfalls has their yearly Christmas parade this time of year. Erin had to march with the ROTC group so we decided to have a look at this grand event. I was amazed, for a little town they sure got excited about a parade. We had a good laugh at the sights, you had the usual parade stuff, High School bands, fancy cars filled with what we assume are important people, a few floats and the all important Santa float. There were a few things we weren’t used to such as the local drunk .He put on a nice show in front of us. Dressed in his fancy suit he staggered across the street cutting right thru the marching band then he fell and rolled off to the curb. That was good for a few laughs. He visited our parked car and the dogs barked a stern warning which sent him on his way, they told him what for. I got a nice picture for you all.

The other interesting parade stuff that is usually not in parades we’ve been to before were the antique tractors and the group of 30 ATVS. The Horses we were kind of expecting but that was great to see. The local folk ran around waving and hugging neighbors as they passed,they threw candy at the kids as they passed. It was just like the small towns in the movies, best people watching I’ve done in a while. It’s enough to say the pictures tell it better than I ever could. Enjoy, I got to go turkey shopping……… 




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  1. mom/joan reid said,

    November 20, 2006 at 10:12 pm

    Ups! Missed your birthday Erin. I’ve missed every ones birthday even those close by. Sorry Erin, better late then never. Happy Birthday Erin, hope you had a fun day….Small town parades are the best, you get all the local color, even the drunk. At first glance I wondered how Keith got on your blog. Did I really say that? Love Mom

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