R.I.P. yet again

Ok ,ok so maybe were on a bad streak here. We mean well, were good people, so why is it things keep dying? You all remember the picture of the little kittens. Erin has a birthday around the corner and she asked for a kitten, that’s all, one simple request. Justin and I thought we’d surprise her. We went kitten hunting while she was staying at a friends house. First we stopped at the humane society, we looked over the kittens they had there. Me with my infinite wisdom said to Justin “I don’t want to pay 60 dollars for a stray kitten that has no rabies shots and isn’t spayed”. I figured a free one from the newspaper was just as good and I could get all its shots for less than 60 dollars. Justin gave me that look, you know the one, it basically means your crazy and your making a big mistake cause I’m 17 and I know everything! I didn’t listen, I dragged him out to the middle of nowhere to some little house. There in the little house full of cats were two nice ladies. We checked out the 5 kittens, they looked fine, small but fine. I told the woman I was looking for a future outside cat to hunt mice. She being surrounded by cats says “yall really should have two so they can keep each other company” Ohhhh I say, I think she’s right, I sure wouldn’t want to live outside with only chickens for company, good idea lets take the poor little runt to. Justin gave me the look again but at this point I’m just thinking how cute and little and helpless these things looked . We left the little house with 2 beautiful kittens. Life was good….. Erin came home that next day and she was so happy. I took the runt because it looked to skinny and I figured if we took it away from the cat ladies it would be better off. I forewarned Erin that it might not make it cause it was in a pitiful state. Well to make a long story short its enough to say the kitten went to visit his maker 2 days later. I was given a lecture from Justin and the look. Erin got over it but had one last jab at me, she said I should have paid the 60 dollars and to stop giving her horrible childhood memories. I wish I could say it ended there but then we wouldn’t be Reids would we? I brought the second kitten to the vet to have it checked , turns out it has contagious pneumonia from the runt kitten. After antibiotics for 3 days it went to meet its maker today. Were cursed I tell you, cursed. I got the look from Justin and the job of putting the kitty in the body bag for Bruce to bury.


Justin and Erin said, what kittens? this is just a do over, there never were any kittens. Denial is a wonderful thing 🙂



  1. Lisa said,

    November 9, 2006 at 10:04 am

    I’m never movin to the country, I’ll just visit you. You should have paid the $60. LOL. Poor Erin, poor Adrianna. Sorry to hear about your next victims. Hope to see you guys soon. Keep updating it makes my life seem boring.

  2. Sarah said,

    November 10, 2006 at 7:55 pm

    If I had $60 I send it to you. Maybe you should have a “Help the Reid Curse be Lifted Telethon”. Make all the money coming in be now lower than $60. Think of all the mousers you’d have then!

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